Make complex easy

There is so much more possible than you realise. Technological developments are happening faster than ever and are often highly complex. But what if the technology that is invented becomes too complex? Can it ever be developed? And if it can, will it be used? Every day, new discoveries are made and new concepts are designed that are never implemented. This is totally impractical and a waste of precious resources.

At Masévon, we approach things differently. We listen to what our customers want, but don’t simply implement their request unthinkingly. We go the extra mile, read between the lines and give the customer what they really want. We look for solutions that are feasible and makeable. This allows us to provide real added value and come to innovative insights that can actually be utilised. Our philosophy? Simplification. Because thinking complex is not that hard; simplifying it down is more challenging.

That’s why our motto is Make Complex Easy!

Who we are

We are Masévon and we are passionate about technology. We’re handy creatives, many of whom have been makers since we were young. Sometimes just as a form of play, but always with a deep drive to try new things and as a consequence keep learning. Always finding the limits of what’s possible. Always ready to take on a complex challenge with the latest technology and apply it in a way that is feasible and makeable. With a no-nonsense, straightforward mindset. So everyone knows what to expect.

We believe in the power of collaboration. With our customers and suppliers but also with our colleagues. You can learn so much from each other and reach groundbreaking insights. We are Masévon and we make complex easy!

Our locations

The Masévon Group develops and produces advanced high-tech systems for customers at the top of the Dutch and international markets. Through our unique combination of companies, we are capable of handling the entire production process: from development to manufacturing. We are specialists in system development, system integration, assembly, vacuum technology, machining, frame and sheet metal work, and cleanliness.

We are Masévon Group and we make complex easy. Get to know us:

Working for us

Working for us is a unique experience. We want to go one step further. Both for our customers and our colleagues. Want to take a training course? No problem, we’ll help you. Want to specialise in a new field? Go for it! Do you have a unique concept and want to set up your own company within the Masévon Group? We encourage it. Because when you do what makes you happy, it makes us happy too. That’s our philosophy.

At Masévon, we love to work in multidisciplinary teams. As an employee, you benefit because you get to work with many different people, each with their own expertise and passion for their work. No matter what your job is, you’ll learn something new everyday. Looking for variety? You’ve come to the right place! Each day is different, which means we can guarantee you a challenging job.




Your Masévon

At Masévon, not everything revolves around us and our products. We care about everyone we work with. From our customers and suppliers to our colleagues. Together we can achieve the loftiest ambitions. We do this by being there for each other and listening well. By asking: what is each person’s strength? It’s with this approach that we can discover groundbreaking solutions. We inspire each other and encourage our colleagues to keep developing themselves.

My Masévon

“People might see you as just a ‘System Engineer’, but at Masévon, System Development goes a step further!”

My Masévon

“I love the precision work and continual development. Doing the impossible, it’s fantastic!”

My Masévon

“The dynamism here is something that other companies I’ve worked for would be envious of.”

Our way of working...

On time

A quick and crystal-clear lead time
Our one-stop shop makes production quicker and easier.

Within budget

A clear project plan
Every project has a clear and open project plan with an appropriate schedule, which we stick to.

According to agreements

We deliver on our promises
What we promise is feasible, makeable, fast, precise and meets expectations: we deliver on our promises!


Doing what we excel at
We don’t just do what the customer says, we look further to see how we can really add value.

A selection of our customers

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