Tuin Mechanical Parts

Tuin Mechanical Parts produces one-off prototypes as well as medium series for several international customers.

A full service quality oriented manufacturing company. Both as a First-Tier supplier to International OEM’s and a supplier of customer specific solutions, we provide our customers the professional services they demand, combining decades of experience with new techniques and a broad experience in design for manufacturing.

Thanks to our extremely short throughput time in combination with our extensive local network and our design for manufacturing we enable our strategic partners to have a very short time to market.

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Our values


Unite and value people. Not in spite of, but becàuse of our differences we can learn and reach goals together.


Challenge yourself. Every single day. Set ambituous goals and go where no-one has gone before.


Laugh. Live. Perform. Cherish, use and continuously develop your talents and that of the people you work with.

Straight forward

Make easy.  Not complex. Have trust and be trusted. Tell things as they are, honestly.

Make complex easy

Old approaches are no longer adequate. We must focus, connect, collaborate and innovate in a timely, effective manner in order to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

How we work


Tuin Mechanical Parts combines construction with machining expertise, enabling fast time to market for both one-off and series.

Thanks to our expertise in design for manufacturing Tuin Mechanical Parts is able to reduce the costs of your products or processes. From the very earliest stages our business partners involve us in their design process to gain maximum benefit.


Tuin Mechanical Parts is expert in turning and milling of products up to 6 meters. We are specialised in the machining of exotic materials, such as titanium and inconel. Working with our premium machinery, equiped with modern tooling, trying to keep ahead of new technical developments.

Our skilled staff in shift production works with CAD-CAM computers at the machine, to be optimal prepared for one-off products. Small to medium series are produced manless in night shift at a very competitive price level.


Tuin Mechanical Parts is equiped with both horizontal and vertical milling machines up to 6500mm x 2000mm x 1500mm, all premium brands for highest accuracy. Please find our machinelist of more information.

Quality management

Our trained staff is fully equiped. We have a dedicated measurement room and work according the ISO9001 standard or customer specific requirements (for example automotive, aerospace and semicon)


Several multi-tasking CNC machines, with milling function for complete multitasking, and single lathe for highest accuracy, producing diameters up to 1000mm and a maximum length of 6000mm. Having the latest technology in house, delivering process-intensive machining for shorter deliveries, with fewer setups, cost price is heavily reduced.

Please find our machinelist of more information.

Deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling is the appropriate method for a broad range of drilling diameters and depths, including extremely deep holes and small diameter holes. Larger holes may be achieved most effectively with our BTA drilling methods.

Equiped with 2 BTA machines and several ELB machines, all purpose-built gun drilling machines, to achieve highest productivity and process reliability.

A central oil management system assures best oil conditions, both on cleanness and temperature, which is a must for demanding products and exotic materials.

Advanced construction

Our highly skilled employees, using the latest welding techniques, join materials including exotic materials such as, stainless steel and titanium, as well as non-ferrous materials. We offer welding constuctions fullfilling ISO 3834.

From start to finish

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    On time


    Through early involvement and our one stop shop approach we ensure the shortest possible lead time for turn-key projects.

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    On budget


    Based on the way we manage projects and our corporate culture, every employee in our company understands that reliability is key and contributes to make it happen.

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    To specification


    Thanks to our integrated quality system we are able to deliver to the highest standards.

    ISO 9001 | VCA | Clean room Class 5

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    In co-creation


    Our Design-for-manufacturing expertise enables us to reduce costs of your products and processes. Our strategic partners benefit from our expertise.


You handle the design and specification. We handle the implementation. From concept to prototype to volume production. Throughout the entire lifecycle.


Our customers know what problem they need to solve, but they may not always know how. Our keen engineers are eager to work with you to co-create the solution.

“As we understand how to manufacture both series and one-off solutions, we are able to ensure an optimal setup for any situation, resulting in optimisation of manufacturing costs and the shortest possible lead times”

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“Every journey begins with the first step”

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