“The Masévon Team didn’t blink an eye when we told them our deadline. Instead, they set to work and delivered everything we needed on time and according to spec.”

Martin Pietschmann

Senior supply manager at Evatec

In an emerging world of connectivity between man and machine, Evatec manufactures thin film deposition systems that make it possible to manufacture the world’s highest performance optical, optoelectronic and semiconductor devices, which are used to manufacture a wide range of smart appliances. From 5G mobile network solutions and the latest generation of intelligent HB-LED-based lighting in our automobiles to gesture recognition technology and EMI shielding for our smart phones.

Evatec’s advanced process control (APC) technologies make the next level of thin film performance and production yield possible.

Time to market is a key factor in Evatec’s business. With the assistance of Masévon Group, Evatec was able to meet the extremely short, formidable deadline for a crucial project involving several complex modules.